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Share your Fave Organization Tips & Tricks to Win #VPLoves

Organizing around the house is always tough – there are just those problem spots that never seem to get better! Lisa Woodruff from Organize365 shared some of her favorite products with us and we’re going to share with you!


Tell us your faves or tips + tricks and you’ll be entered to win our VP Loves Organization giveaway!

1. Kitchen!

For the kitchen – this one was easy! We did a Facebook Live with Lisa a while back and she had these mini-lazy susans all over her kitchen – in the fridge and in the cupboards. They’re fantastic! And at just under $10 – they won’t break the bank either! They’re super handy for those areas you’re always grabbing for things from. (I’m getting one for my oils in the cupboard next to my stove!)


2. Home Office!

Right now – I’m staring at cables that I have rigged up on my desk so they don’t fall down when I unplug them. Well that will be a thing of the past! We found these cute (and brightly colored) cable holders that are just $8.50 for a pack of 8! You could also get them in neutral colors – but why would we do that?!   


3. Car!

Last but not least – we can all use some help in the car! There’s never enough spots for 2 phones, cords, sunglasses, keys (I have that push button start), gum and everything else I try and throw in there. This handy little car organizer won’t solve it all – but at least it gives my phone and shades a spot to rest and it’s less than $10!

Share your organizing tips, tricks and favorites and you’ll be entered to win a VP Loves Organizing featuring these three fun finds – all under $10 each!


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Janie A.
Love these, I went right to Amazon to add the mini lazy Susan to my wish list!
Trina L.
For years, I have lined my refrigerator shelves with shelf liner. If it gets dirty, I can wipe it easily or chunk it if it's too big of a mess. It keeps my fridge clean and organized.
Rita P.
Mix balsomic vinegarand and mayo use it on chix,,or salad dressing and a spread on a burger
Lori F.
I use baskets or boxes and try to place like items together
Hannah W.
For an even cheaper cable holder, stick your cables through both loops of a binder clip and then clip the binder clip on to the desk and BOOM! You have an extremely cheap and smart cable holder!
Noa B.
Some of the best ways to organize school supplies and the little pieces like legos is to reuse baby food jars and the candy tins. We have labeled and filled them with all sorts of items.
Anne G.
Love the brightly colored Cable Holders.
Elizabeth S.
Such great ideas!
Serhiy P.
Shakiru O.
Good for purposes and better quality to have.