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Keep the Kids Busy this Summer

Summer is just about here, and it’s time to start thinking about how to keep the kids engaged during the long, warm, lazy days of their break from school. Here are some ideas for making this summer one to remember!

Let them get bored.
What? What happened to keeping them entertained?

Children are inherently excellent at finding ways to entertain themselves. If you’ve ever watched a child in time-out quietly creating a game out of racing his fingers up the wall, you’ve seen this first hand. Turn off the TV, put the video games up for awhile, and let them feel the pull of boredom. Their imaginations will kick in, and before you know it they’ll be asking to go outside or crafting their own bow and arrows out of rubberbands and crayons. You’ll be tacking brand-new, custom masterpieces to your refrigerator in no time.

Get cookin’
When boredom has done its job and you want to offer them something fun for their efforts, head to the kitchen and show them how to make their own fruit ice pops. Just throw some fresh fruit in the food processor until it’s well-blended. Pour it into empty paper cups or yogurt containers, add popsicle sticks, and pop them in the freezer. If the fruit is too runny, you may need to let it freeze a little bit before adding the stick. The kids will love making and eating their very own summery treats, and the fruit combinations you can use are nearly endless!

Keep a stack of index cards with kid-friendly recipes handy for those times when they really need a push in the fun direction.

Keep the learning going
Just about anything a child does results in learning, but if you’re looking for ways to keep a little touch of school in their summer break, there are some great, painless ways to do it. You can invest in summer learning books with worksheets and projects to complete. These are usually not very time-consuming and act as sort of a “bridge” between grades.

If that’s too much like school for your family, you can create a fun study unit  that doesn’t feel like any kind of study! If your kids really love animals, choose a fun book about zoology to read together over a week or so, schedule a trip to the zoo or aquarium, look online for a fun animal-themed craft, and try out some cool experiments that tie in to the animal theme. Click here or here to get started! They’ll barely realize they’re “studying,” but they’ll love the lesson.

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Terry L.
Real life is about life-long learning and balancing work with play - most adults don't get summers "off". We keep some routines of learning (lots of reading and learning games) with chores balanced with summer fun - the kids are less focused on school being "work" and non-school "fun" is about balance.