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Girls' Night on a Budget

Sometimes we all need a little girl time, but a big night out on the town doesn’t always fit into the budget. Try some of these ideas for a fun girls’ night that’s easy on the wallet and long on great memories!

A quiet night in
Pick up an inexpensive bottle of wine or brew up some coffee and host a girls’ night in! Have everyone bring a fun dish (finger foods are best for conversation) and, depending on the season, either gather around a cozy fire or stretch out in the back patio or yard. Conversation-stoking games like If…Questions for the Game of Life or some grown-up Mad Libs can keep the laughs and the chatter going for hours.

Total cost: Could be quite cheap, with just the cost of refreshments.

A picture-perfect adventure
Grab your digital or disposable camera and your closest girlfriends and head out for a night of silliness! Try on oversized floral frocks at the 24-hour superstore, or set up a scavenger hunt around your town or neighborhood. Just make sure to capture it all with your camera! Once you upload your photos, you can make personalized digital scrapbooks for all of your gals.

Total cost: A little gas money.

Culinary creations
Pick a recipe theme (South American, Mediterranean, meatless—whatever!) and have everyone meet at your place with a new dish idea and ingredients. Work together to prepare each recipe, and then enjoy them all together with an inexpensive bottle of wine or your favorite beverage (maybe even one you made yourself that night!). Later, you can even type up the recipes and make a PDF cookbook to send to each guest. Make sure to take lots of pictures to include in the book!

Total cost: Ingredients for your own dish, which can be as budget-friendly as you like (especially if you already have your ingredients on hand).

What are some of your favorite ways to bond with your girls on a budget?

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Jessica P.
girls night on a budget, now that sound like something i am interested in.