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Turn Road Trips into Family Time

Summer is just around the corner, and families across the country will be packing up their cars, vans, and SUVs for long drives to their favorite vacation spots. Turn those long, boring drives into real, quality family time with these ideas!


Let each family member select a pre-determined number of their favorite songs. Use those lists to create custom CDs or a playlist for your trip. This works especially well for families with younger children who don’t own their own, personal music players. Everyone is happy, and even if somebody doesn’t like a particular song or artist on the playlist, it’s okay, because their own picks will be coming up soon!

Base the number of songs you include on how long the trip is going to be. Twenty-thirty songs total is probably okay for a two hour drive if you don’t mind hearing the same songs twice, but for a longer trip, you may want to consider increasing that number to avoid burnout.


Hit the library or an online retailer ahead of your trip and choose an audio book for the drive. Pick something that the whole family can enjoy. Many audio books take between ten and fifteen hours to listen to, so consider the length of your trip (coming and going!) when choosing.

If you choose to borrow something from the library, give yourself plenty of time before your trip to get on a possible waiting list, and to check the CDs for scratches or skips. Many libraries now offer digital audio books, but it depends on the technology that you have at hand for listening.

If an audio book isn’t the best choice for your family, consider taking turns reading a book aloud. The passengers can take turns reading while the driver focuses on the road, so no one’s throat gets overworked.


There are tons of fun games your family can play together to make the miles seem shorter. Some don’t even require any pieces or parts, like the Grocery Game. In the Grocery Game, the first player names a grocery item that begins with an A. The next player repeats the first item, and follows it with an item that begins with a B, and so on. If a player forgets an item, they’re out, and the last player standing wins!

Mad Libs are another fun car game. You can pick up a pad of Mad Libs at most bookstores, or find free printables online. All you need is a pen or pencil, your Mad Libs, and a basic knowledge of the English language for hours of laughs and smiles.

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Jessica P.
This article makes me want to go on a roadtrip right now with my family :)