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Hair Donation 101

Have you or a family member ever thought about donating your hair but don’t know where to start? Before recently donating my hair, I did my fair share of research on where I could donate, including the hair requirements and who would be benefitting from my donation.

Below are two organizations I have personally donated through that I would highly recommend.

Beautiful Lengths

Beautiful Lengths is a well-known organization started by Pantene® and the American Cancer Society® that helps create real-hair wigs for women with cancer. As a key partner, Pantene introduced their Pantene Beautiful Lengths shampoo and conditioner products to aid in the growth of long, beautiful, healthy hair. My first hair donation was through Beautiful Lengths, and, for me, it was rewarding to know that my hair was helping women who were sick and played a part in giving them their confidence back.  

Hair Requirements: 8 inches minimum 
No dyes, bleaches, or chemicals
No more that 5% gray hair


Children with Hair Loss

   Photo Credit: childrenwithhairloss

Children with Hair Loss is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide wigs for children who have lost their hair not only due to cancer, but burns and other illnesses as well. They make the wigs and refuse to charge families during a difficult (and already costly) time in their lives. I recently donated my hair to this organization and found the lack of hair restrictions very helpful since I have dyed my hair in the past year. I am hoping my hair will bring a big smile to a child’s face very soon! 

Hair Requirements: 8 inches minimum
Non-chemically hair preferred, but will accept any hair in good condition
Gray hair is accepted

Here are some details on a few other hair donation organizations that I have heard about through friends:


Locks of Love

Locks of Love makes wigs and donates them to financially-disadvantaged children under 21 who are suffering from a medical condition that relates to hair loss. Based on their financial need, children receive the wigs free of cost or on a sliding scale.

Hair Requirements: 10 inches minimum
Colored or permed hair is acceptable, but bleached/highlighted hair is not
Gray hair is accepted and sold to offset manufacturing costs


360 Hair

Photo Credit:

360 Hair voluntarily makes wigs without payment and donates them to those who are undergoing cancer treatment.  

Hair Requirements: 6 inches minimum
Treated and gray hair accepted









Are there any other hair donation organizations you would recommend to a friend? Share these (and your before/after hair pics) in comments below!

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Noelle S.
I love this. We all get our hair cut why not help a child in need!
Amanda S.
My girls and I donate all the time :P My girls often refuse their haircuts unless they can help someone in the process. I am one proud mom!
Elizabeth S.
I love donating. I have a cycle of growing my hair out over about 1.5-2 years and then chopping it all off! I've donated to both Locks of Love and Pantene Beautiful Lengths in the past. I personally prefer Pantene Beautiful Lengths because they provide hairpieces/wigs free of charge to those who need them while Locks of Love sell them. IMO, a donation should be just that--free of charge!
Christina C.
I too have donated to Locks of Love, many times. They do not sell the wigs. They donate them! They do sell gray hair which is donated in order to offset costs.
Shannon S.
They are not free, they go by a sliding scale fee. They are extremely picky about what hair they keep, throw away a lot, and sell the rest way below market value.
Diana Q.
I donate my hair every couple of years. It is such a wonderful feeling helping someone else!
Shelley L.
I have hair pony tailed up and ready to send. I'm thinking 360 or the children with hair loss is perfect since mine wasn't 10".
Jocko F.
I always wanted to donate my hair.. I have dreadlocks. Im definitely over the 10 inch mark. I think its a beautiful thing to give back, especially something your gonna get back. Looking into Locks of Love Now..
Breesha T.
I love the Locks of Love and have donated many,many times & will continue to do so!
excellent article.