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Sharing Guidelines

Vocalpoint is a place designed for you, so we want to hear from you. Sure, we're always interested in what you have to say about products, but we also want to hear about you: your family, your interests and hobbies, your life. That's why we've made it as easy for you to share your thoughts, feelings, stories, and insights. To get started, review these simple rules of the road.

How to share on

When you share something on, every member of the community will be able to see it. So please be sure not to make statements that might offend someone. We know you'll use good common sense, but we do reserve the right to remove content in special cases.

If you share a photo or a video (which is awesome, by the way!) please be aware that everyone will see it, so conduct yourself accordingly. In general, your mom is right: if you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all.

Need help sharing videos and photos? No problem. Contact Us and we'll be happy to help.