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What does VP Love?

Last month, we surveyed the community and had a little fun! We asked about some of your favorites in the world of TV & Movies. Here’s what you said!

1. Favorite Romantic Comedy Movie:

Pretty Woman beat out You’ve Got Mail & How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


2. Favorite Romance Movie:

Dirty Dancing edged out the Notebook


3. Favorite Reality Show:

Dancing with the Stars beat Amazing Race


4. Favorite Celebrity Crush:

Tie between George Clooney & Channing Tatum


Do you agree with the community?! Tell us some of your faves!

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Anatoliy S.
To date, however, there is no official classification or typology of video blogs. This is cause the genres of Internet videos are very numerous, and most importantly - they are mobile. Such genres are constantly being transformed, integrated, borrow features from each other or television genres. Therefore, there are a lot of varieties of such video content. There is one genre if I could call it that, which I like the most. This is a video challenge https://www.youtube.com/user/rebeccazamolo1. I adore watching such videos. Of the last, there was the challenge of eating oreo by Matt and Rebecca. They have a lot of funny videos, but each has a specific plot, and that's a good advantage. Such a video is more interesting to watch, right?
Arely M.
I agree with all of it. I love pretty woman.
Ann T.
I love them all. All time classics!
Jasmine C.
I don’t watch any of those but my favorite romantic movie is Love Jones my favorite show is Empire but I do love Channing Tatum
Amanda H.
Those are great choices! My personal Fav's are... Favorite Romantic Comedy: I Love Pretty Woman!! Favorite Romance: A tie between Save The Last Dance & Dirty Dancing in Havanna Nights. Favorite Reality Show: I would have to say The Voice. Favorite Celebrity Crush: Michael Ealy
Marilyn M.
Pretty much agree with the findings.
Madeline S.
i definitely agree with pretty woman but I believe the notebook was more romantic than dirty dancing......I like reality shows but only watch periodic episodes of any and the celebrity crushes seems valid ;-)
Patti D.
I only disagrees with the tv show. I liked batchelor th best. All the rest is gooe
Ashley R.
Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors, in all honesty I’m pretty sure I own a majority of his books. However, my all time favorite movie is Dirty Dancing! With the movies based off Nicholas Spark’s books in a close second.
Dzenita O.
Nicholas Sparks is by far one of my favorite authors. And I have to agree, You've got mail is hands down of the best movies of all time. I never get tired of watching it.