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Fun & Easy Kids Crafts

We’re getting ready for our Facebook Live on 7/24 and need your ideas – what kids crafts should we make?

We’ve recently started doing some fun stuff on Facebook Live! We’ve covered Kitchen Organization and Easy Summer Salad Recipes – and next up is Crafts for Kids!

I’ll be live with Erin from and her two ADORABLE kids will be with us and they’re ready to craft! Will you join us? RSVP here! It’s Monday July 24 from 130-230pm and we’ll be live at

Now her kids have already mandated that we make slime. So that is checked off the list – but what else should we do? Here are a few ideas we have – but feel free to check your Pinterest boards and share some with us! We need some ideas!!!


  1. Paper Spinners from

These paper spinners look pretty darned simple and they aren’t uber-messy (i.e. no glitter!!!). Plus with fidget spinners being all the rage – these look like they would occupy the mind a little and can be made with stuff you have sitting around the house!


  1. Stress Balls from

These stress balls only need a balloon and flour – how great is that! They’re easy to make and I can tell you – it’s not just for kids – if I had one – I’d be squeezing the heck out of it most days here at work! Haha (Shh! Don’t tell the bosses!)


  1. Egg Carton Flowers from

OK – this one might need help from Mom or for the kids to be a little older – but it still looks cute and fun. I’m always in for anything I get to paint!


So there’s a few ideas – but what do you think? Should we make some of these? Or something else? Share your favorite links or just fun crafts you do with your kids! Then watch us on Facebook Live this coming Monday to see what we make!

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Amanda R.
My daughter would for us to do this
Sierra P.
I am definitely going to do the egg carton flowers with my son soon! We just emptied a carton yesterday and that looks like such a cute and fun craft!
Chelsea F.
Great ideas going to try with my kids ❤️
Therese M.
This is so cute, love the flowers
kathryn s.
Great ideas
Bobbie P.
Good ideas! My kids enjoy craft time. We are always looking for something new to do!
Brytny P.
You can make great goo with baking powder and water and food dye. About 1/3 cup of water to half cup to even 1 cup or baking powder. You basically have to feel it out but the end product should be soft to your touch but if you hit it hard and fast it is strong.
Susan L.
We would love these
Michelle M.
My kids would love these- they had a blast with the slime made from glue- they'd love the stress balls !
Maggie K.
What a great idea, my kids always liked crafts