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Cleaning Products Put to the Test!

Last month we asked what you wanted us to share and you loved the idea around putting everyday cleaning products to the test. My husband was giddy because I had to clean – it was for work! (He’s the OCD clean freak in our house.)


I’m going to ask right off the bat for a judgement free zone! Our house is pretty darned clean – I feel like I’m highlight two gross things in a 99% clean house! So I hope you’ll be kind to me ;-)

First up was the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ($4.99). I’ve never used these – but some car detailer gave us a few and I’ve been meaning to try them so this seemed like as good a time as any.

I used them on the front door and the door to the garage. I had just noticed last week how gross they were – mainly from our big dog – it’s right at her nose level and I think she rubs on the door when we leave or when people (God forbid) ring the doorbell. (That’s when she barks like the Zombie Apocalypse has just started!)

All you do with the sponge is wet it and go – so it’s super easy and not messy. I think it did a really good job. There was a spot at the bottom of the door that was worse and it didn’t come completely clean – but all in all – I give the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser a THUMBS UP!

Next up – OxiClean ($7.56)! Yes – the product the guy used to shout about in those infomercials. I have NEVER bought it but I now own a tub. I always remember them showing people spill red wine and it just disappears. I decided to make my own OxiClean torture test!

I’m a Messy Marvin – Spilly McSpillerson. Every day – I spill something on myself – so I grabbed stuff out of the fridge and dumped it all over a clean white t-shirt. Then I let it sit on the counter and dry for a few hours. I figure it needs to sit all day like it would if I spilled on myself at lunch. Then – I followed the directions and soaked it for 5 hours. I didn’t have a bucket so I put it in my sink with probably 5 inches of water and 3 scoops of OxiClean (per directions). After the soak – the grape jelly & soy sauce were pretty much gone! Then I washed the t-shirt (per instructions) and you can see the above. In the photos – the stains aren’t too noticeable but in person you could see both of them pretty easily. I still give them credit that the soy sauce and grape jelly were entirely gone. I’m going to give the OxiClean a SEMI-THUMBS UP on this one because I’m much more apt to spill ketchup on myself than soy sauce.

Moving onto the stove top. We have one of those smooth surface glass tops and I have a definitely love/hate relationship with it. If anything boils over (water!!!) it is a mess to clean up! And literally all the gunk is just from water boiling over!!!! I googled all over seeing what would clean it and found that the Weiman Stove Top cleaner ($11.49) had good reviews.

This was also the most work of any of the products I tried (boo!). You put some of the cleaner on the stove, scrub with the sponge and then what doesn’t come off – you use a razor blade on. I worked at this for about 20 minutes.

Meh – it was okay. It was a lot of work and elbow grease and it’s still not “like new” but it is a marked improvement. It’s hard to believe water does that much damage to a stove top! My husband would have kept going until it was perfect but that’s not me – 20 minutes and I give up. I’ll leave it for him to do another day. All in all – I’m giving this a neutral rating – it works but I think the razor blade did most of the work and I don’t need to spend $11 on that.

The last item was more for fun – Doo Drops ($11.99). You’ll be glad to know there are NO before and after photos here. It’s a fizzy alka selzer like drop that you plop in the pot before you go and it’s supposed to contain the stink! (haha) I chose lemon scent and it did have a nice fragrance to it. The problem with this is you’re supposed to drop it in BEFORE you go and let it fizz. Well – when I gotta go – I GOTTA GO – so standing there and waiting 2 minutes for the fizz to be done is annoying. Thumbs down on the Doo Drops.

There you have it! Cleaning Products put to the Vocalpoint Real Life Test! Do you have any better solutions for my messy items? (Ugh – anything on that stove top and I’ll give you a hug!!!) I would love for this to be a regular “segment” – what else should we put to the test? Let me know!!!

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Donald M.
Mr. Clean magic erasers are amazing clean about anything with them
Janet R.
Janet R.
Madison W.
I use Magic Eraser to clean everything. I've even found that the Extra Strength one works wonders on built up soap scum in my shower that other products just can't seem to get up.
Karen R.
I don't like the original Magic Eraser because it disintegrates so fast. I love the Extra Strength Magic Erasers because they are so much more durable! I have been using them for years & they are a staple in my cleaning supplies!
Ann T.
They work great. But I also use baking soda and vinegar.
Michele P.
Magic eraser has always been my fave!
shanta j.
Love magic eraser
Janet R.
Adis H.
Magic eraser works awesome.