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Back to the Routine!

How do you get back into the routine of back-to-school?

Back to school is just around the corner – oye – how can that be?! So where do you find the best deals? Or what tips and tricks do you have for getting the family back into their routine? Our Vocalpoint community always has the best ideas!! Let us know the best of the best!

Everyone that leaves a tip will be entered to win a pair of Isotoner Slippers! One lucky winner will get their choice of any pair from their site! Cuz Lord knows – if the kids are back to school – you’re going to be running around! Let’s ease those feet with some comfy! (Winner will be drawn September 7, 2017 by a random draw from all comments on this post.)

o   Our friend Adventure Mom (yes from the Cat Café Adventure!) has a great checklist of things to do BEFORE you start shopping.

o   Melissa from Stockpiling Moms has a great list of easy organizing tips – I don’t even have kids and I might use some of these!

o   Steph (from our Salad Making Video) has a great daily checklist to help the routine get back into gear.


How do you get the troops back in line? How do you find the best deals? Share your tips & tricks below!

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Ella S.
I know this sounds crazy but if your children are older than 12, let them stay up 30-35 minutes after their bedtime two days before their first day if school and they will be ready to hit the hay early. Then they will wake up energized for their first day. This is good because their body will be tired after their first day and they should fall right back to sleep and then they will do it on a schedule.
Maddie J.
The first few days for school i just thought about what I like to do first and second and then on and on and then I put that into a routine .
Amanda R.
My daughter don't yet but soon she is have her In.bed In time I'm make breakfast wake her up get her ready get her lunch box ready tell.her learn.listen be good
Justin B.
well what i do is simple get up and do it that it get up plan what my kids are doing in school teach them advice like study hard and makes friends
Natalie R.
Got to love thrifting and coupons! These are some serious ways to save money. Following the "fly lady" system, and having a launch pad works miracles for busy mornings!
MrsBrittany E.
I look into magazines or the papers to get the best deals on products and to help save money
Emerald N.
Get up at four. Eat, get ready and leave for the bus at six. At three kids come home. Eat snacks, do homework, play, dinner and go to bed at nine.
Julie M.
We post the evening routine on the fridge. Homework, one chore per night, showers and family reading time. Once they get through the list they can have a little time before bed to do their own thing. That typically motivates them to keep moving so they can have the max free time.
Julia G.
Half hour before bedtime is cleanup time, then together we make lunches for tomorrow and pick out outfits. Then it's pjs, teeth brushing, and bedtime. If there's time leftover, the kids can read until bedtime. We have a "launch pad" near the front door where the bookbags go.
Heather S.
I start shopping in July so when we are headed back to school I have most things at home. I'm Also a big bargain shopper so when I see school supplies that I know my kids for me and they're pretty cheap I buy them and have a school supply bin. When my kids get their school list the shop in the bin first then we purchase anything extra that we missed .