Vocalpoint is a community for people who love to share their thoughts through surveys, try exclusive products & offers, and provide feedback about your experience.


How long has Vocalpoint been around?

We’ve been serving up special gifts with a human touch to our members for more than 10 years. Our members keep coming back because they get opportunities to host play dates for the kids, courtesy of Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn Smart Stages™. Invite the gals over for a night of a fun on brands like Mirassou Wines or InStyler®. And have all sorts of other new products to try and talk about based on their own firsthand real life experiences. Register now to join the fun—it takes just a few minutes!

How often will I get a gift from Vocalpoint?

Being a Vocalpoint member is about more than just free products. Whether it’s the chance to try or share about a new product, host a party, or win prizes, we give you reasons to keep coming back every month. If you have a product you think the Vocalpoint community would love to try, send us a note.

Can anyone join Vocalpoint?

Anyone who loves trying and talking about brands is welcome at Vocalpoint, although we cannot currently ship outside the United States. To become a member: 1) sign up which will take about 2-3 minutes 2) complete your profile so you don’t miss out on the offers or products you’ll love most and 3) tell your friends about it!

How do I update my information?

It's really easy! All you need to do is visit the "Edit My Profile" tab in your profile. In this tab, you’ll be able to change your email address or password, update personal information, connect with your social networks and change your email preferences. 



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Sarah G.
I have been waiting for over a year now to get invited to try and review products! Hope I qualify for something soon! Any pointers to boost my chances?
Sidra B.
I'm excited to get started.
Dean b.
looking fwored to telling people about the stuff i review
Ruth T.
IIm looking forward to give my point a view to things.
AnaMarie G.
I can't comment on anything without 50 math questions...weekdays going on?
Debbie H.
I hope that I can fit in with Vocal point. I would love to have a wonderful friendship with everyone. This sounds like a great group.
Britt M.
Thanks. Very helpful!