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Rebecca is proud to be the new Community Manager for Vocalpoint. She is passionate about healthy living, social media, traveling, and all things organization! 


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Jenny is proud to be the new Content Manager for Vocalpoint! She loves the outdoors, practicing yoga, and jamming out to great music. 


How long has Vocalpoint been around?

We’ve been serving up special gifts with a human touch to our members for more than 10 years. Our members keep coming back because they get opportunities to host play dates for the kids, courtesy of Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn Smart Stages™. Invite the gals over for a night of a fun on brands like Mirassou Wines or InStyler®. And have all sorts of other new products to try and talk about based on their own firsthand real life experiences. Register now to join the fun—it takes just a few minutes!

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Being a Vocalpoint member is about more than just free products. Whether it’s the chance to try or share about a new product, host a party, or win prizes, we give you reasons to keep coming back every month. If you have a product you think the Vocalpoint community would love to try, send us a note.

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Anyone who loves trying and talking about brands is welcome at Vocalpoint, although we cannot currently ship outside the United States. To become a member: 1) sign up which will take about 2-3 minutes 2) complete your profile so you don’t miss out on the offers or products you’ll love most and 3) tell your friends about it!

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Kristi K.
BTW FYI in my spare time besides trying and reviewing products, I love gardening, baking, feeding backyard critters, camping, hiking, diy projects, arts and crafts,and spending quality time with my kids and husband.
Kristi K.
Hi VocalPoint family, my name is Kristi and I am a full-time housewife and mother to 4 awesome children, ranging in ages of 1-13 years old. So as you can imagine, I have my hands full, and even though they drive me crazy, I wouldn't change it for anything in the universe. Although I haven't been a lucky chosen tester yet, I still love and think VocalPoint is an awesome community with great in site and personal product reviews. When I am shopping in a store, I can rely on this community to get the feedback I need before purchasing a product that I am unsure of (I am technically never alone while shopping anymore, thanks to my fellow community members). I can't wait to try out new products and give my honest feedback on here, on my social sites, and to the brand company itself.
Danielle B.
Only thing I wish is you could link more social media accounts. My FB is linked but I’d like to link my twitter, IG, Pinterest, Influenster?
liliane D.
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Kylie H.
Hello my name is Kylie I’m 23 years old I absolutely love makeup and sharing my views on products and brands. And I’m new to vocal point but I would liketo tell you my story so; here’s my story (sorry it couldn’t be written in a bit she’ll) but I’m a small town girl from Wyoming. And I have loved make up since I ever started to do my make up. Unfortunately though, when I had my daughter 21 months ago, and I ended up being in labor for 76+ hours. I ended up having a spinal stroke during that time. It flipped my world upside down....I woke up after my c-section in agony pain, and realized I could no longer walk. A bunch of tests were done a bunch of medications prescribed, my beautiful baby was perfect but me, well they told me I’d never be the same. I left the hospital 9 days later in extreme pain with a walker and a wheelchair. These last 21 months have felt like years. Since then I’ve had 6 surgeries, been to Denver twice, Salt lake 5 times and to several other doctor in my state as well. Ive had a spinal stimulator placed and then removed, had steroid injections, I currently have a large pain pump placed(which the doctors can’t get to work), I’ve had spinal injections, I’ve tried acupuncture, I can’t care for my daughter on my own and experience all the wonderful new mommy experiences, and to this day I still rely on a walker for short distances and wheel chair for longer distances and I am still in agony pain 24/7. I had to teach myself how to walk again after becoming a new mommy. To this day I still have to lay in bed or in a seated position due to the lack of mobility and the pain. The only thing I can really do in bed that I enjoy is doing my make up and feeling a little beautiful and a little glamorous especially when I feel so low. I just love to do my make up. However Ive been out of work for well over 21 months. So as you can assume money is tight, especially with a child. I’m just a little small town girl, that life decided to throw a curve ball at. And I’ve been trying to learn how to catch it. But all of this has made me very depressed, even as much as I try to stay positive, I’m really doing my best and my baby girl smiling at me makes me wanna fight even harder. But doing my make up and feeling a better about my self it's the only time I can actually see a difference in myself right now in a brighter positive way and beautiful. And while in bed it sorta just cheers me up. Makes me feel More confident.(since this happened my self esteem is really low) so it just makes me feel stronger. And doing my makeup is also a good way of me copping with everything my therapist says it's really good for me to do my makeup because I have control over it (unlike my life) so I have the power to make myself feel beautiful. It also helps occupy my time since I’m always bored and in bed, it helps my mind close off the bed thoughts for a while I stop thinking about the pain for a moment when I do my make up. But now money is tight, and I can’t really afford it anymore, your products sadly and any other products for that matter. It really just makes me upset because I use to be able to do my make up all the time because I worked hard and now I can’t, because I can’t afford make up anymore and it’s not my fault, doctors made a mistake not me..And I’m one that I like to work hard for what I want, but now I physically can’t and it’s so disheartening. And I’m not one to ever ask for handouts. I use to work very hard but I always gave what I could and do what I could to help others before this happened I was very involved in helping others like helping the elderly with groceries and to the car, buying food for a family on the coroner of Walmart, payed for the food/coffee for the car behind me, and more then I could list. I mean we live in a world where we need to help pick one another when we fall, or loose our grace. There is a enough negativity in the world we need to bond together and make this world more colorful and a happy place. It use to make me feel so good to pay it forward and help but now I can’t, I can’t do the little things like that anymore I have no extra money and I’m disabled at 23 so I can’t do the things I use to do so it makes me feel guilty even though I know it’s not my fault. But hopefully I’ll kick my strokes butt one day and I’m going to pay it forward as much as I can when I do. However for now the tables have turned on me so thought I’d give it a shot and tell you my story see if something beautiful can come out of all this pain and sadness. And Friday I just received information from a specialist and it turns out it’s a fairly large tumor on my spinal cord that was mistaken for a stroke and now they are planing to send me to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona to try and have it surgically removed. It will be a large surgery and a long recovery. so all I want to do while in bed recovery from this surgery is do my make up and try and make me feel better about myself and feel beautiful once again. I haven’t felt truly beautiful since all this happened. And sometimes we as people need a little help from one another to life each other up, when we shall fall. Fix her tiara when its cricked. And right now im that girl. Sometimes this world throws difficult things at us, and sometimes it doesn’t seem like there will ever be a rainbow after all the rain. And I’m really trying to see the rainbow in my myself and through this rain coming down. It’s been hard to hold the umbrella over myself when I want to hold it over others who need lifted up and the ones I love. But I’m going to be as strong as I can be through the storm. I just wish I could feel beautiful while I take on this storm currently in my life. Self esteem is important we should all feel beautiful and great about ourself. We truly are all beautiful in our own ways. It’s just been hard to find the beauty in myself when I’m not the same as I was before this all happened to me. I’m just looking for any like online give aways or advice on free samples, or coupons it would seriously warm my heart. I just haven’t got any makeup in almost 21+ months since this all happened, because with a new baby and just living on my boyfriends income with the three of us has be proven very difficult. My baby is always gonna come first so that’s why she’s happy and her toy box is full of toys and why my make up bag is empty. She’s my heaven sent so she’ll always come first. And even thought I can’t run and play with her I can still love her with every fiber of my being and give her all the hugs and loves in the world, because she deserves the world. So any advice on how to help. Any response or anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and god bless. All my love and best wishes Kylie Xoxo
Karma L.
Hello! I am touched by your story. I,too, am disabled and have been since I was 37. I'm now almost 49. Have you tried joining any chronic pain groups on Facebook for encouragement and understanding from others in similar situations? It can be so helpful in those wee hours of excruciating pain when you begin to question it all. Also, have you applied for disability or any other benefits through the State? It's not easy to admit when you are so used to supporting yourself, but those services are there for a reason. Your daughter comes first, but how can you offer her your best (at present) if you are always worried about finances and health? Take care of yourself so you can take care of her to your best ability. That might mean humbling yourself enough to apply for disability and State benefits. In the event that, and I pray it happens for you, you have a full recovery and no longer need the help, then Praise God it was there when you did need it. As for the makeup, I have a couple of thoughts. First, I know it's not the best quality makeup but have you shopped at the dollar stores? I mean, if it's just feeling pretty for yourself while laying in bed that you want, then it should accomplish that. My other thought is not going to be so easy to understand or accept. Now, I don't know how you feel about God or what your beliefs are but I got a sense that you do have some sort of belief system. I, myself, believe that God sometimes allows us to experience different situations in order to teach us something about ourselves or so that we can be better equipped to help someone else that we are going to encounter. Now, notice that I did not say He Causes or Forces us but rather Allows us to experience these things. Have you considered that perhaps you are putting too much emphasis on the outward appearance and maybe He wants you to work on be happy with your natural beauty and your inner beauty? Or, perhaps there's someone you are going to meet that doesn't have the means to dress well, use makeup to fancy herself up, maybe she is heavily scarred and no one gives her the time of day. Yet, she has a most gorgeous inner beauty if someone would just talk to her. If you were to approach her dressed up nice with all your makeup and tell her that she was beautiful, do you think she would believe you or would she get angry and feel like you were mocking her? I'm just throwing this out as food for thought because in your post, it seems to me that you are too focused on the makeup and not looking for other ways to let your beauty shine. Giving of yourself to others is so much more beautiful than any makeup could ever make you. To occupy your time, why not look for a hobby? Coloring, crochet, embroidery, crossword, painting of any kind....again, y can find supplies at the dollar stores. I honestly am not trying to offend you or hurt you in any way so I hope you will take this in the manner in which it is intended. I wish you and your baby girl all the best in the world!
Melissa L.
This is such a wonderful opportunity to test, assess, review, and share new and excellent products with friends, family, and the online community. Amazon and other websites are full of my reviews (well thought out yet humorous and honest) and my search history overwhelmed with researching reviews and blogs for the best products. I am a budget queen (and proud of it) so free samples and the best way for me to find my favorite new products. Thanks for the opportunity, I will be waiting patiently by my mail box and inbox!
Cindy L.
I’m an absolute fanatic about researching products or services before making buying decisions. I probably spend too much time reading reviews than I need to but It truly gives me the comfort level I need to make each purchase. I’m so excited to discover vocalpoint and the chance to be a part of a group where I can give authentic reviews and help others make informed decisions like reviews have helped me over the years! Can’t wait to begin!
So interested in this new outlet. Very excited to get to share my opinion. I'm always looking for the best products, deals and things that makes life easier!