About Products

Vocalpoint is like a product-lover’s playground, where your voice has the power to impact brands and influence others.


‘Real-life’ Research

Share your thoughts, feelings and reactions to directly impact future products

Waaay more than just ‘taking a quick poll’… VP surveys are a great way to tell us your interests, habits & wishes, so we can bring you the most relevant product experiences.

From broader product categories to your specific household habits, VP surveys cover a wide range of topics and generally take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Each time you provide your thoughtful survey responses, you help brands make better products AND you help us dial into which VP opportunities are most interesting to you.

We appreciate every click and keystroke! From gift card drawings to exclusive offers – we always have a way of saying ‘thank you!’ for sharing your voice.

Is this product a winner? We want to gauge your interest in new products that are still in the ‘concept’ phase and provide your feedback to the brand.

From footwear to breakfast cereal, you get the ‘first look’ at new product concepts that are in the development stage.

Your early feedback and suggestions are shared directly with the brand to impact and improve the product concepts.

You determine the top styles, fragrances, features or flavors that ultimately go into production.

‘Test drive’ early prototypes and new products in development, then give us your honest reactions and suggestions.

From new skincare products to chocolatey treats, you can opt-in to be an early product tester for exciting new prototypes.

Receive pre-market products and try them out before they hit the shelves. Then, tell us everything about your experience!

Your honest reactions and detailed feedback will help ‘fine-tune’ the product before it is sold in stores.

Discover or even try out a new product, then join in deep-dive conversations that influence a brand’s direction in the marketplace.

Opt-in to be selected for a live product research session, then share your thoughts during a fun VP group meet-up or via live video chat.

From Day Spas to Coffee shops to Live Video Connections, we’ll meet as a group to try out and talk about new products, so brands can see and hear your first-hand feedback.

Your live reactions and group conversations are then used to directly shape how the brand will market this new product – from tag-lines & benefits to Instagram stories & packaging.

Join a small, outspoken group of other VP Product Lovers to help brands create future products & services.

If you are especially passionate about a certain product or category, you could be invited to join an innovation session, where your ideas contribute to how brands develop their next big product idea.

After fun product ‘assignments’ are given out, we’ll meet on a regular basis (over a few days or weeks) for lively creative sessions where we share our discoveries and work together.

When you share and build ideas with other VP Members in a Spark Tank, you are directly helping brands solve real-life issues with innovative new products.


Insider Shopping

Shop ‘The Find’ – A collection our favorite, new ‘must-have’ products at Vocalpoint’s guaranteed, best-anywhere pricing.

Browse ‘ShopLab’ for exciting products & prototypes that are not yet available to the public.

Our favorite ‘finds’ from the newest products to hit the market! Buy with confidence – when you make a purchase on ‘The Find’, you’re getting the best value from the brand.

‘The Find’ is where brands offer their newest products at Vocalpoint’s guaranteed, best-anywhere pricing.

This shop lets you discover hidden gems that could become your next ‘must-have’ products…The best part is there’s no need to price shop – VP Members get exclusive best available value from the brand.

Since these products are brand new, you will be one of the first to leave feedback, so we want to hear all the details. You can also be the first to share the new product with your friends.

Shop products & prototypes that are still being worked ‘in the lab’ and not yet available to the public.

ShopLab gives you the exclusive opportunity to shop and buy products that are still in the ‘innovation phase’ …and may or may not ever be available to the public.

Whether you make a purchase or just want a ‘sneak peek’, your direct feedback helps the brand understand what is appealing or what needs improvement.

VP members have exclusive access to these prototypes before anyone else – it’s your feedback that’s the primary source of influence for how brands finalize their product and ultimately launch it in the market.


Influencing Others

Create/share stories & photos that will help others make a purchase decision

Your reviews make a big difference; when you try a new product, we can’t wait to hear what you think!

When you try a new product through Vocalpoint, your detailed review has a big impact – both for others who are interested in the product, as well as the brand.

Whether your feedback is glowing or critical, the more detail you provide, the more helpful the review is to others AND the more the brand can refine the product.

The most helpful reviews are shared well beyond the VP Community, which means your voice has the power to help and influence others who are interested in the product.

A picture (or a video) is worth a thousand words – show and tell your authentic experiences by documenting your journey and sharing with others.

Have you ever noticed that when you sort reviews by ‘Most Helpful’, the ones with pictures or videos attached are always at the top of the list?

When you snap a few pics or record a quick video of your experience or tips for using a product, you instantly create the most valuable and helpful content available.

And when you attach that content to your review or social post, you can help spread the word AND help others discover something you love.

Since most products on Vocalpoint are new to the market, your voice is more valuable than ever to spread the word.

We rely on VP Members to get the word out to your friends and family about the new products that you tried and loved.

Whether Instagram is your go-to or you are more of an in-person ‘coffee talker’, your personal stories and recommendations are what help others find their next favorite product too.

The more you share your product experiences with others, the more opportunities will be available to you in the future!

Our ability to provide you with opportunities is directly linked to your support, engagement and feedback – which are the things we value most.