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16 Nov

Every Amazon Product To Add To Your Cart This Week

When there are hundreds of thousands of Amazon products to sift through, a little guidance can go a long way.

6 Beauty Tricks for Faking a Full Night’s Sleep (Even If You’re Exhausted)

So you didn’t clock eight hours of sleep? Fake it. We tried dozens of skin boosters to find the ones that give you a well-rested, lit-fro...
16 Nov

7 One-Liners to Use When Disciplining Kids | Parents

Sometimes, saying too much to your child only makes things worse when teaching a valuable parenting lesson. Try these simple one-liners i...
16 Nov

How to Keep Your Brain Fit as You Get Older

A new book outlines many ways to keep our cognitive skills strong and reduce the risk of dementia as we age.

This Simple 30-Second Practice Helps Relieve Anxiety

It's called Bringing Down the Flame, and it's not your ordinary Salutation.