Share your Fave Green Cleaning Product to Win

What do you love most about the green cleaning products you use? Tell us in the comments below before May 1, and you’ll be entered to win our first #VPLoves Product Pack, including full-sized products of some of our faves.


1. Auntie Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegar

You might know that vinegar, baking soda, lemons and a little extra elbow grease is really all you need to keep your house clean and fresh. But, you may not know that vinegar can smell as good as Auntie Fannie makes it! 


2. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day All Day Purpose Cleaner

Hands down: one of the best green cleaners on the market. Even better, it comes in a concentrate form so you get a lot of cleaning bang for your buck.


3. Buff Pro Multi-Surface Microfiber Towel 

If you’ve never used microfiber towels to clean in the past, you’re in for a treat. Most brands work well, but we keep coming back to Buff because the performance seems a little better and the size is just right. When you’re finished, throw them in the laundry and use them again and again.

We’ve just polished the surface of all the amazing green cleaning products out there, so don’t forget to share your faves below for a chance to win! 

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Donna R.
#VPLoves I just starting to try. Mrs Meyers product but I love them! 5 star products.
Thresha K.
#VPLoves Mrs. Meyers!! We just recently started using Mrs. Meyers and cannot say enough positive things. What we love most is it's a great cleaning product (that ACTUALLY works) without all the dangerous chemicals and made by a company that actually cares about both consumers AND the environment. It really doesn't get much better than that!
Miranda P.
Ahh, vinegar! I use Miss Jones Soapbox products which contain vinegar for my mirrors and fixtures. I use a mix of Dawn and vinegar for my shower walls. And I use vinegar and water to clean our wood floors!
chalsey w.
I usually use bleach. What I love about it is it's disinfectant quality.
sharon s.
I love the fragrance of the cleaning vinegar...I use it for all sorts of cleaning tasks.
Mary M.
Seventh Generation All-Purpose Natural Cleaner for sure! I swear by it! I use Seventh Generation for everything!
Amanda S.
I have used microfiber towels before, and I love using them! They are reusable and easy to wash, and they do a good job at cleaning several things.
Teresa B.
I use and love a couple of brands, but by far my favorite is J. R. Watkins products, they have been in use and nearly unchanged for generations and to me that says that they work.
Toni J.
I use vinegar and water. It 's simple and gets the job done.
Dee B.
I use mainly vinegar, and peroxide. I think I will try your cloth they look interesting.