“She has helped me understand that… working together versus against each other will lead to a better outcome. Love you Mommy!”
– Ashley D., North Carolina


“My mom and dad they are the glue that keep us together…”
– Danyelle W., Oregon
“I am thankful for my daughter Patrece for always being constant…”
– Muriel K., Michigan


My kids will always be my #1 motivation… they push me to strive for better and bigger things!    
– Toyya W., Georgia
 “…if it weren't for my momma, I wouldn't be the woman I am today!!”
- Kristy R., Alabama
Because of him I have become a better person.   
– Jennifer H., West Virginia
“ twin girls who are my cheering section and biggest supporters.”
– Tetia C., Florida

My babies for keeping me smiling!   
– Sarra W., Florida
“My backbone, my sidekick, my momma… the one person I can count on for anything– Jakara J., Virginia
“Thank you Josh, my husband… he is my other half and we are one.”  – Kristy P., South Carolina



To all the hearts who helped make our children strong, we thank you.