What tips do you have for celebrating Easter with kiddos?

Here are a few thoughts to get your juices flowing:

  • Bring your egg dying activities outside—or skip the dye altogether and use stickers and chunky crayons. If your kids are ready to dial up your egg art game, try one of these tips instead!
  • Younger kids love sorting activities, so after they find all the eggs, set time aside to make a game of organizing them into groups.
  • Start a special breakfast tradition the kids can help prepare, like these super fun and super easy Easter pancakes. 
Now, it's your turn... ready go! Tell us your faves.

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Sandy W.
i dont have kids, however, when i was young we used to dye eggs, i like all of the new designs, stickers you can use now to design your eggs. no chicks or dyed chicks anymore.
diana t.
the egg search its a must in our family
Miranda P.
We have a tradition of taking family pictures in our church yard after the service, along with two other families. We now have a beautiful collection of pictures, showcasing how our kids have grown!
T M.
We celebrate after the holiday with family due to third obligations & its saved tons of $ as I can buy the kids stuff due to clearance. Now becoming the coolest Aunt! Ta Da!!!!
Courtney H.
I usually go to church and we love dying eggs as well.
Rebecca A.
I don't have kids, but I joined my younger siblings, who are 9 &13, in an Easter Egg hunt. The Golden Egg contained $100! Fun :)
Jasmine B.
I always liked dying eggs using kits and participating in Easter egg hunts.
Gretel R.
We usually go to a park in my town where young kids can listen to a little concert and hunt for eggs. We go to church in the morning and come home to cook cakes and little cupcakes. We go to visit grandma who always gives them chocolate bunnies every year and wants to see the kids.
Dianne R.
Including homemade coupons in plastic Easter eggs for family and kid-friendly activities, such as movie night, game night, fast food/pizza for dinner, sundae bar night, coloring book/arts and crafts day, no-tech night (this includes mom and dad - no peeking at your phone!), fishing trip with dad, mommy/daughter date, daddy/son date, riding shotgun, choosing the radio station in the car, an extra book-reading before bed one night, etc., is a great way you can spend extra quality time with your kids.
Regina B.
We will attend church with my husband's dad so the kids can enjoy Easter activities with him, then on to a big lunch & egg hunting with his mom's family. My mom doesn't cook big family meals anymore since she has 4 grown kids who love to cook, so she usually has lunch with one of us. We don't dye eggs anymore but use plastic eggs filled with either candy or money. This makes it much easier & I don't feel like I'm wasting real eggs that never get found 😀