What’s on your — or your kids’ — summer reading list this year?

If you haven’t started thinking about it yet, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a few useful resources to help you decide.

Any thoughts?! Maybe it’s a book that’s been sitting on your shelf and you’re finally able to time for even. Share your book ideas below!

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Roxanne S.
Love, love, love to read! I want to re-read some Connie Willis
Sandy W.
i dont have much time in the summer to read, with lots of yardwork, 3 dogs, one elderly and doing housework as well. i read lots of magazines in my free time. i get over 16 subscriptions to magazines.
Trixie D.
I'm finally working my way through the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. It's brilliant and funny, would highly recommend it to anyone who loves humor and fantasy!
Vicky B.
I have been loading up my android tablet and kindle with alot of FREE ebooks of all genre types. I have been making time to read each day!
Megan W.
I would some romantic
Christina G.
We have a goodwill outlet where all books are 50 cents. My daughter always goes through them and buys ones she is interested in reading. The kids have books all over their rooms. I have books from my childhood, my brothers childhood, and ones that we pick up all over the place.
Judy N.
Just don't have time to read.... too much stress and tension to find a peaceful moment to read. My son is taking a break from reading this summer. He had to read multiple books for his english class at school (junior year of high school), that he did NOT enjoy at all. I hope a break from forced reading will help him; he's so burned out that I am afraid if he's forced to read even more, it's going to turn him away from reading at all.
Denise H.
our schools don't give reading lists, but we participate in the summer reading program I'm never without a book
Cathy A.
For many years I did not go to church. I only prayed at home. I still believed in God & Jesus Christ our Lord & Savoir. So going to church meant nothing to me. Learning anything about the Church & God & Christ meant nothing to me. But years later in life I decided to go back to church & learn everything I could about God, the Bible & Jesus Christ. I am still learning. I have read the Bible from page 1 to the end. It took me a little less of a year to read. It will take me till I die to KNOW the Bible. So I will still be reading the Bible AGAIN. I hope I can finish it before I die & KNOW IT, God & Jesus Christ. So pick up the Bible & start reading it with me.
Helen S.
Just picked up some older James Patterson books at a garage sale. That will keep me busy for a bit. Love to search garage sales for great books . This is the season!