Last month, we took a little stroll down memory lane. In response to our Just-for-Fun Prom Survey, over 200 VP-er’s chimed in to give advice they’d want to share with kids today. Take a look, and pass their pearls of wisdom along to anyone you think might also enjoy!

Prom isn’t the end all, be all of life experiences but it’s a big one… especially when you’re a teenager! We hope your kids, nieces, nephews, friends and other VP family members attending prom this year will have fun, stay safe, keep those of us who love them from worrying too much. (Remember this one?!... play on repeat!)


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Sandy W.
enjoy the prom, dont drink and drive and dont spend all of the money, you have got college coming up next fall. find discounts.
Denise H.
Enjoy the prom. Make smart choices during the prom and after.
Katherine F.
What wonderful advice and pictures. I never went to prom but still get nostalgia looking at this.
Angela L.
Truly loved looking at these pictures. So many happy memories of my own proms (I went twice) back in 1990/1991.
Heather J.
Me too! Thankfully i couldn't find any of my prom pics!!!
Angela L.
I know exactly where mine are but nope...nopety nope. Not sharing that hot mess! hahahaha!
Stefanie S.
I had so much fun at prom, and I love these tips!
Patty W.
Our Prom was awful to much trouble
Angitha R.
Prom was awesome
Kendra W.
My Jr Prom dress was pretty cheap because it was "last year's style" but I loved it so much. When my Sr prom came around I looked for several months trying to find something I liked but nothing could compare to my Jr Prom dress. I ended up having to pick a dress last minute for my Sr prom that I still don't like to this day.