Summer Travel Tips

Last month we talked to you about where you like to go on vacation – we got everything from the beach to the mountains and everything in between. But it does seem like people are of one camp or the other. You either want to be sunning or hiking!


You probably have your summer vacation spots picked out so we wanted to provide you a list of our favorite summer travel tips and hope that you can add some to the mix!

1. Pack the toys but pack them so they travel! We love this Portable Lego Kit idea and think it’s ingenious! You’ve got to have things for the kids to do – but you also don’t want a back seat full of Legos!


2. Use the Shoe! I’m always having to pack an extra pair of shoes in my suitcase and they take up so much room – but wait! USE THE SHOE! There’s empty space in that shoe! Stuff it with socks, skivvies, chargers, jewelry, etc. Don’t waste that space!


3. Roll your clothes instead of fold your clothes! has it down to a science. You can get a lot more in a suitcase when you roll them and it helps when you arrive at your destination since you can see your entire contents all at once!


4. Glad Press & Seal! If you’re in the car – things get spilled. But this Press & Seal stuff is amazing! I use it all the time – and how handy would it be in the car to make sure that drinks don’t get spilled. Plus you’re saving money not buying the single serve bottles at the gas station!


5. Use a pill case for medications! has a great idea by putting each medication she might need in a weekly pill case and labeling them. You’re not going to need a whole bottle of any of them – so these cases work great for carrying everything you need.


6. Stock up on snacks! Head to and get a giant assortment of snack packs. This will ensure that there’s something for everyone and last the whole trip! You’d be amazed at the selection they have. (Again – no stopping at a gas station because Jimmy wants cookies but Susie wants chips!)


7. Trash Bags! IHeartNaptime and I were sharing a brain on this one – we both pack an extra trash bag or those throw away grocery bags for my dirty laundry. Or if I’m in a hotel – I use the dry cleaning bag they provide in the closet. That way I can just pitch stuff in there every night – close it up and stuff it in the suitcase when the vacay is over!


8. Don’t forget the headphones! I recently had 4 flights in 4 days and I forgot my headphones. Luckily the Best Buy vending machine had Bluetooth headphones that would work with my new jack-less iPhone! I hated paying $30 for them knowing I could get them cheaper online but I had to have something! So don’t make the same mistake I did! Other often forgotten (by me) things: charger cords, acid reflux medication, scarf/blanket and snacks!


Now it’s your turn! Share your travel tips and hacks! Better yet – take a photo of your super smart tip and share! We might feature it on Facebook and you’ll be come internet famous! (Okay – well – you’ll get a virtual high-five from me at least.)

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Angela M.
Put your cell phone in a zip loc bag to keep it from being damaged by water!
Glo M.
Sunscreen i use it everyday
Cindy P.
Good list!
Joanna T.
Instead of using trash bags for dirty clothes, you can use a reusable cloth laundry bag -- those "gift bags" that people are always coming out with instructions for around Christmas time would make a good template. (I haven't had to make one because I'm using the one from my Dad's service in the Navy almost 50 years ago ... definitely a re-use situation. :) ) With a trash bag, I would be afraid of accidentally throwing the dirty clothes out with the trash!
Andrea W.
Sunscreen is a definite must have. Also sunglasses and some kind of hat. A sunburnt head is never fun.
Kendra W.
If taking tennis shoes and flip flops, try packing the flip flops and wearing the shoes to save space in your suitcase. You can always change once you get to your destination.
Sharon H.
SPF Sunscreen is my must have for the summer. My 9 yr old son want the Portable Lego Kit that was advertised but Amazon does not sell it. Where can I get it from?
Sandy W.
i dont travel much now that i have 3 dogs. however, when i did, i liked the foldup reusable bags, take lots of different sizes of plastic baggies, lots of wipes, non perishable foods and water for in the car, cell phone charges, i roll up my clothes b/c it keeps them from wrinkling, you can also put tissue paper b/t them to help with the wrinkles as well, i like the cans of wrinkle free, i try to match things, accessories, shoes, tops and bottoms so i can interchange things. i also like to carry small packets of clothes wash.
Carol Y.
I always take sanitary wet wipes You never know where you will be when there is no toilet paper. Uggg! Also baggies fold up really small. They come in handy for keeping your phone dry to other things that tend to get lost.
Katiria C.
I always carry a big garbage bag so that we can throw in our dirty clothes and not stink up the luggage or the place we stay in. I love the idea about the shoes. I keep these in another bag too so that they don't stain the clothes but I never though of stuffing them with socks! great idea :)