SPILL IT! Share Your Best Summer Beauty Secrets

I live in the Midwest, where there are two things to know about summer weather: (1) it’s unpredictable (2) it’s almost always humid. Recently, I made the mistake of getting bangs, which become a sopping mess on my forehead every time I’m outside for more than 20 minutes. So far, I’ve tried dry conditioner and Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets to help, which both do a little bit to keep bang sweat in check.

Here are a few other tips, I rely on for summer:

  • Avoid powder foundations because it can clump. Sometimes, I use CG AquaSmooth Compact Foundation as well.   
  • Opt for colorful eyeliners like teals and purples, with neutral or no eye shadow. It still gives your eyes a pop of color but the shadow doesn’t clump or smudge as much.
  • Deodorize your thighs. This one might not be for everyone but I walk a lot, and in the summer, it can get uncomfortable. So, I put a quick dab of Secret Deodorant on before I go out and it makes a world of difference. Bonus tip, you can find all these beauty products at a club store, like Costco, which I find especially helpful with products like deodorant that I use multiple times a day.  
What tried-and-true summer beauty secrets help you stay your hottest without overheating?

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Cassie N.
Don't skip the sunscreen! I have fair skin and burn easily. As much as I would love to have a sun-kissed glow, I've found that being pale looks much better than lobster red! As far as makeup, I go minimalist with a little waterproof mascara and Burt's Bees tinted lip balm.
carol l.
I don't know but I live in tx where its hot. No makeup at all just wear sunscreen
Maria H.
Don't wear any makeup except for a bright lipstick 💄 SPF Moisturizer spf moisturizer spf moisturizer will become the most important part of your beauty routine. I also like to exfoliate my body just to feel extra smooth. Also fake tanner is a great way to get some color without the damage!!
Tamara B.
- I use sea salt spray to give a fun, beachy look to hair when I am being casual or going to the beach - Sunscreen is a must! - Take Vitamin E - Wear a primer - Powered makeup can run and clump when it is extremely hot outside, causing uneven or blotchy face tans. Stick with long-lasting liquid makeup. - I complete my look with Maybelline finishing/setting powder - It is very humid where I live; so if I am going for a smooth, sleek look to my hair, I use pomade and Moroccan oil
Kelly P.
I try to wear minimal makeup in the summer. I have fallen in love with paper oil blotters for when my facell looks oily
Vanessa D.
I believe that in the summer the less makeup you wear the better. Most of the time you'll be going to some place like the beach or the pool so there's no need for makeup. Therefore always use a good sun block and always keep your skin clean
Sophia G.
I think summer is a great time to show your natural beauty. I find the less makeup I wear the more comfortable I am even at 55 years old. Either having a natural tan or keeping safe and using self tanners or moisturizers with self tan in them and go without any face makeup other than maybe a little bronzer. Just makes you look healthy and not to mention how it makes you look thinner plus its much cooler. Then usually just do my eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss and out the door. If Im just running around during the day I may go with even less. If its real hot pull your hair back in a stylish pony tail or throw up with a clip and have some pieces flowing around face. Highlights always look great in summer and accent your face and your tan. Then throw on a cute sundress with some sandals. But dont forget your toe nails and some great lotion for your legs. I think this works great in the heat and you can always dress it up with heals jewelery or even a stylish hat. So quick, easy and leaves more time to enjoy life!
Cathy C.
Good tips and add mine, I keep my facial toner in the fridge in summer. It's so refreshing and keeps pores tighter!
Michelle T.
Sugar scrub, coconut oil as moisturizer and casor oil once a week as hair conditioner and helps promotes hair growth
Diana T.
always be hidratate drink a lot of water its excellent for skin or you can use avenoo splash mineral water for the skin dont use a lot of makeup because with the hot weather contribute to close your pores and thats sooo bad