SPILL IT! Share Your Best Summer Beauty Secrets

I live in the Midwest, where there are two things to know about summer weather: (1) it’s unpredictable (2) it’s almost always humid. Recently, I made the mistake of getting bangs, which become a sopping mess on my forehead every time I’m outside for more than 20 minutes. So far, I’ve tried dry conditioner and Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets to help, which both do a little bit to keep bang sweat in check.

Here are a few other tips, I rely on for summer:

  • Avoid powder foundations because it can clump. Sometimes, I use CG AquaSmooth Compact Foundation as well.   
  • Opt for colorful eyeliners like teals and purples, with neutral or no eye shadow. It still gives your eyes a pop of color but the shadow doesn’t clump or smudge as much.
  • Deodorize your thighs. This one might not be for everyone but I walk a lot, and in the summer, it can get uncomfortable. So, I put a quick dab of Secret Deodorant on before I go out and it makes a world of difference. Bonus tip, you can find all these beauty products at a club store, like Costco, which I find especially helpful with products like deodorant that I use multiple times a day.  
What tried-and-true summer beauty secrets help you stay your hottest without overheating?

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Angelia C.
I use baby powder and it really helps me from becoming sweaty and smelly.
Suzanne L.
I like a dewy face spray either over makeup or without just makeup. If you are perspiring a bit this will hide it with the shimmer already on your face. I also tend to keep my hair at a length that I can easily put up, then I cut it short in the wrap when it's colder.
Deborah W.
I love in Alabama and it gets soooooooooo hot! Some of my beauty secrets begin with sunscreen; on my face, neck, arms, hands, legs. I love a tinted moisturizer and I wear it from June until mid September, usually a Clinique brand. My make-up is very different from my winter routine because I only use moisturizer, mascara, and lipstick; very simple. Drinking lots of water is a must.
kimmy l.
Here is my beauty tips for summer: 1. Apply a waterproof suncream. Because summer is hot, thus I will spend more on great waterproof suncream. It will help to protect my skin no matter how hot it is. 2. Stay hydrate. Drink water as much as you can. 3. Choose good make up or minimize make up. Because it is hot, I try to minimize as much make up as I can, except suncream, balancer, waterproof eyeliner and eyebrow. 4. Wear shorts. 5. Prepare a hat. 6. Enjoy the outdoor activities!!!
Jennie S.
Well my secrets is I never cut my hair or cut my nails and so when I wash and I put gloss on I look naturally beautiful without even trying, you should try it. I just put on my summer dress, and BAM! ;D
T M.
This is an older trick I'd use on my (now light brown) but was a "dirty" blonde years ago. If I knew I wanted my hair to get natural highlights without using a chemical highlighter, or bleaching agent like peroxide on my hair. I'd fill a spray bottle with juice from a whole lemon squeezed into warm tap water... Soak hair down till saturated... (Used either sunbathing, pool, car in sunlight). Just till hair is dry or longer... Then at day end would rinse hair before bed, In tub or shower with a final rinse using a chamomile tea. ( just make a double cup of tea & pour over hair when cool). Go to bed, in morning you will not only see nice shimmer to hair, it will be super soft + a pretty scent!
Steph S.
I'm testing out a few mineral sunscreens this year. I'm very fair and burn at the slightest hint of sunshine, so I typically slather on large quantities of sunscreen. I slather up the kiddos as well. With the surge of info lately about sunscreens with chemicals, I've decided to try a different route. My other summer go to things are a large hat and lots of water with lemon!
Christie T.
In the summer I use Tan Towels to get a healthy glow without the damage of the sun. I also use Olive oil on my hair for extra conditioning and to de-frizz my naturally curly hair. I also use Avon Anew skinvincible day lotion. I has an spf of 50 and is loaded with vitamins and minerals to keep your skin healthy.
Loren G.
WATERPROOF MASCARA! haha. Another tip is baby powder and sand. It gets it off completely with no hassle. Also i use baby oil for sun tan oil if i'm out.
Fahi S.
I drink a lot of water. 12 cups a day! 4 before noon, 4 before 4 and 4 before 8. I also use an indian clay mask mixed with apple cider vinegar to clear out impurities from my skin and keep my pores tight. I have oily skin and I'm very prone to breakouts so it's important that my diet is at least 70% clean (I'm not perfect).