Pinterest Win or Fail? String Art!

How did we do as first timers with the String Art?

If you look on Pinterest – there is more string art than you could imagine! Elaborate and fancy – multi colored – just amazing stuff! And then there’s the real world.



Some girlfriends and I get together for craft day every couple of months and see what we can do with some Pinterest fun.  I’m usually one of more excited and ambitious ones – Danielle is really all about the dessert and hanging out with us – Rachel is the pragmatic planner that brings her craft closet to us and makes sure we all have everything we need. We’re a good team!

This time, Danielle had some younger guests join us as well as a student she is hosting from China. Oh boy – adventure time!



We had a lot of different boards to choose from. Rachel picked up a few from Michaels but then we needed extras for the kids so she went to Home Depot and bought a board and they sliced it up for her. This was great because it was way cheaper. She bought a small sanding block and they were ready to go!



I wasn’t the best documenter for this article (sorry) but I can talk you through some of it. First up is the pattern stage. You can freehand or print something off. I suggest printing something off unless you’re pretty good at freehand. And when you google – be sure and google “XYZ string art pattern” (i.e. heart string art pattern) and you’ll likely find something you can use.

So you get your pattern and tape it to your board and then start nailing away! The nails we bought didn’t have a “head” on them – which made it more difficult later. So I would recommend something like a roofing nail – with a nice flat head. You want at least ¾” sticking up out of the board. You can see from the photos how far apart to put the nails in.



I would start with a simple pattern the first time you do one. I made the mistake of doing a shape in a shape and that was more difficult and time consuming. Also, straight lines are much easier than curves! I would say the nailing phase of this took at least an hour. I needed arm breaks from the hammering!



After you get all the nails in – then you can tear away the paper from your pattern. You might want a pair of tweezers handy as some of the paper gets caught in the nails.



Here’s where my documenting fell off – I forgot to show us doing the string. It’s harder than it looks. I know that having nails with a head on them would have made this step a lot easier! The thread kept popping off the top. You just loop it around one nail then zig it another way and back and forth. The thing I love is that you can get super OCD about this and do it in a specific pattern or you can just wing it and have fun. Neither way is right or wrong! You’ll notice when you see our final images that the other girls did an outline of the thread around the edge to define it a bit more.

We just used embroidery thread for this – I got a huge pack of every color of the rainbow for $10 on Amazon Prime. And when you see mine – that took me 2 packs of the embroidery thread – just to give you a gauge.

One of our younger guests tackled a super tough project with the word LOVE. That was a LOT of nails and he did about 85% of them himself!! But then he got tuckered out and needed a break before he did the string. Pretty much all the kids petered out after the nails!

To end the strings you just knot them around a nail twice and that holds it just fine. And then…



Voila! Your string art is done!! All in all I think it was a Pinterest WIN! I do think mine is probably the jankiest of the bunch (on the left) – but I do love my puppies so I still like it.

So what do you think? Have you done String Art? Any tips for other Vocalpoint friends? Share your comments below! 

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Margaret T.
I love this craft! Definitely time consuming and some of the patterns are harder than they look. But the end result is a fun, hand-made piece of art. ** Fun Craft night idea! You all did great jobs!
Marlo J.
Such a cute end result. I love!!
Angel C.
I think this a great craft to make, we use to do this in school you really don't know how something will turn out until you try it
elizabeth s.
awesome job. looks so fun!! im going to have to give this a try.
Marilou A.
They all came out great! I would want to do smaller designs all together but the nailing might be hard. Glad you all had fun!
Darlene C.
Great Job!!!!
Madeline B.
Those are so cute!
Karen O.
I think you did a great job. I wish I had a group of friends to meet with and do fun crafts with as well as play games with. Having no friends that are interested in these things is tough when I love doing them so much
Rachel L.
I'd suggest searching for a group of crafters in your local area. Look for events put on by local small biz that are crafting related. Network and add some new crafty friends. :)
Sheneika L.
I need to try this. I have a ton of yarn I need to to something with. It looks simple enough and like a great project to try with my son.