Let’s Talk: What to Include in an Armed Forces Care Package

While caring is the most important part of sending a care package, there are some really helpful tips you may want to keep in mind when you’re putting one together for a friend, family or adopted service member. For example:

  • Think quality over quantity. When it comes to items like body wash or lip balm, premium or higher quality brands can be a real treat. You can always find great deals on products like GILLETTE and more at Costco.
  • Beef jerky, shaving cream, and socks are almost always a hit.
  • Be careful about sending homemade food goodies—the gesture will be appreciated but chances are good they will go stale.
  • Hot sauce or flavor packets make for great gifts.
Have you ever sent a care package to a service member? If so, what did you include?

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Sharon J.
I've sent sunscreen, socks, hard candy, wet wipes, travel size items. I've sent to some that were from our hometown so I also included a Newspaper from our area.
Karla V.
I have some stuff to send but don't know where to send it to. Please let me know. karlavoigt2@gmail.com
Sharon J.
@Karla I have sent to people I knew personally or knew their family and they supplied the addresses so I'd know they received them personally, but I have also sent from these addresses that are on these websites since I knew they were legit and you can see Supporters and Sponsors also like the one site Sams Clue and others have donated. I will include other sites as well so you'll have more info and more choices. I have used the 1st two, but the others are great also. http://www.operationshoebox.com/how-you-can-help/care-packages/ http://www.anysoldier.com/index.cfm https://www.supportourtroops.org/ http://militaryoneclick.com/tips-themes-for-great-care-packages/
Karla V.
Thank you very much.
Tamara B.
I live in a military town and I cannot express to you how much they appreciate care packages. Being away from loved ones and their experiences has an emotional impact on their lives. To receive care packages and mail brightens their day, week, and month! Care packages are a great way to tell our military how much we appreciate their service to our country. I like to think of themes when I send care packages. o Birthday packages. Get a group together to send monthly birthday packages to a specific base. Decorate the inside of the boxes and include items such as: signed birthday cards from the local community, nonperishable foods, baked goods, birthday poppers, silly string, water balloon kit, playing cards, crossword puzzles, earbuds, magazines, birthday hats (so the birthday month service men and woman can take a picture with them on), contact information so they can write back and/or send a picture. o Protein and energy package. Items can include: protein powder, PowerBars/Clif bars or similar protein/energy bars, powdered amino acids, granola bars, nuts/seeds, Clif Shot or similar energy gels. o Necessities package. Items can include for men and women: deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, baby wipes, face wash, body wash, bar soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, lotion, hand sanitizer, chap stick, sunscreen, socks, gum, throat lozenges, gel insoles, Ziploc bags, dish soap. These are just 3 examples, but there are many more ideas. When sending care packages, remember to send contact information so they can write back and/or send a picture.
Cora B.
This is a great read as my middle son just enlisted and will be completing basic training this summer. I will have to save this article for future reference. Thank you!
Manan M.
I used to send packages to my 2 friends in Iran i loved them with all my heart sadly they died in war
Cindy W.
I have sent care packages many times. I have 2 son's that are serving in the Air Force. My oldest is leaving for Kuwait in 2 weeks. My younger son is leaving for Saudi in 5 weeks. They love to receive care packages from home, churches, etc...They say that it let's them know they are not forgotten about from "back home". Very thoughtful of people to send care packages, games, cards, etc...they love it all
Cindy W.
I have 2 son's that are in the Air Force. They are often deployed at the same time. My oldest boy leaves for Iraq on 1-27-17. He will be gone for a year. He'll get to come home for a month after 6 month deployment then go back. I send care packages to the boys at least once a year. They especially love the baked goods. My son will email when they need something from the states.
Sharon P.
Yes um I sent you two packages at Christmas time to an organization called there angels I would put Slim Jims hand sanitizing wipes don't like Christmas cards and enjoyed it