Kids Summer Fun Bucket List!

Every kid will say at least – oh I don’t know – A THOUSAND TIMES – every summer – I’M BORED! Well not this year!!! Here’s a bucket list to get you started on a summer of fun with no boredom to be found anywhere!


(Downloadable PDF: 410k)

Now all you have to do is print this off and stick it on the fridge. Then the next time the kids say those dreaded words – have them go to the list and pick something! Or make it a game and they draw it out of a jar! Yes – they might need your help for some things – but think of the family fun and memories you’ll be creating together.

Be sure to add your ideas to the list and we’ll make another printable with your ideas for next month!

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Jessica D.
I will have to print this out for myself. Both of my children are College Graduates.
Glo M.
what a fun thing to print out and put on fridge
lindsey b.
really love this were using it right now :)!
Susan L.
Linda T.
The most important toy is your imagination and creativity.if you allow your child to come up with a game or an adventure...there's not much required.maybe a prop or two.
Alyshia W.
What great ideas! How about going through old clothes/toys to donate and refashioning some of moms and dads old clothes into cool dress up/super hero costumes!
Angelia C.
This article us very helpful! Thanks so much!
Kendra W.
Go camping, read a book
Katiria C.
I did one of these bucket lists one summer for my son because we didn't have money to go anywhere special so we had a big list of fun things to do and he did about 75% of them. The rest we just ran out of time for. I think its a great idea because the kids can never say they are bored or don't have anything to do. They just look at what they can cross off the list.
Cheryl S.
My daughter is going to her 1st sleep away camp this summer. She's so excited! The kids help me weed the flower beds, believe it or not. They each get a plastic grocery bag and an example of a type of weed to find. When you fill the bag, you get a prize. My son calls it "search and destroy".