How to Make Your Workout Look an All-Day Look

Like it or not, yoga pants and fashionable athleisure wear seem here to stay. Personally, I'm a fan. Even though I still love to put extra effort in some days (and have to for some occasions), I really appreciate that there are lots of options out there that make it acceptable for me to wear 70% of my workout look to work or when I'm running errands because it increases the odds I"ll go to the gym later that day by about 100%.

Recently, we had the chance to connect a handful of Vocalpoint Bloggers with Dick's Sporting Goods to find out their transition style tips on how to turn a workout look into something you could wear all day. Here's what they had to share!

Tip #1: Choose a larger purse that can double as a gym bag.

Read the full blog post from Lara at Pretty Connected here.

Tip #2: Opt for black leggings over a graphic, colored pair. They’re more versatile and easily transition from the gym to beyond.

Read the full blog post from Corina at Live Fit here.

Tip #3: Throw on a leather jacket over your gym clothes for an effortlessly trendy look.

Read the full blog post from Nicolette at Fashionable Stocked here.

Tip #4: Or, give yourself a more professional look by adding a bold statement necklace.

Read the full blog post from Nicolette at Fashionable Stocked here.

Tip #5: Pack ballet flats in your gym bag - they’re lightweight and don’t take up much space. Not to mention, they’re both cute and comfortable when you’re running around town.

Read the full blog post from Nicole at My Fit Family here.

Tip #6: Easily transition your makeup by adding a swipe of red lipstick.

Read the full blog post from Kendra at Closet Confections here.

Do you have any all-day style tips for the fitness-hungry among us? Share them below—pictures welcome!

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Diana T.
Ohhh the ballet flats all the time are the best if you need and want to walk fast
Sophia G.
I dont know how any woman could go without owning black leggings!! After those are on you can layer with tank top for work out then on top continue layering to desired look. Dress it up as much as needed then when you go for workout just remove your layers down to your tank and leggings. Lets not forget the fact of how absolutely comfortable you will be whether you are working or running errands or playing taxi cab for your children!!
Michelle H.
#1 is good
first l.
first l.
first l.
Barbara L.
Great ideas!
Ksenia T.
Ksenia T.
Ksenia T.