So, yeah. Summer shoe season is upon us, and I for one, am a little anxious about it. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE me some sandals. But, to feel confident in my flip flops, strappy flats, Tevas, and open-toe wedges, my feet need a little extra TLC first.

Here is my 5-step to fabulous feet routine, but I’d love to hear your tips and tricks too. Be sure to share them below!


Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to fill your tub a few inches high with warm water, sprinkle in a little Epsom salt, drop your feet in, and chillllll. Up to you whether you soak before or after exfoliating… I tend to do both. If you’re using your bathtub for your soak, I recommend bringing a chair in versus sitting on the edge of your tub for added comfort.


You probably already know these steps, but the question is… how often do you treat yourself to them AND are you using a Pumice stone? The best way to use a Pumice stone is in a slow circular motion to remove dead skin when your feet are still soft from your soak. Don’t press too hard, and be sure to rinse the stone off as needed.


Two words: Coconut oil. Do we really need any other beauty item in our lives?! Ok, there are plenty of moisturizers options you can choose but we like Coconut oil. Be sure to work the lotion or oil completely into your skin, paying special attention to the wipe any lotion, cream or oil out from between your toes. Sometimes, we’ll put a pair of socks on for an hour or so afterwards too.


Pick your favorite color and go for it! The best part of summer is every color goes… vibrant neon colors, neutral pastels, golden shimmers, what have you. If you love it, let your feet flaunt it. Also, always apply a base coat for longer-lasting color.


Ok, I admit, I shorted you a few steps, like cuticle maintenance, but this has never been my wheelhouse. Instead, I find that scheduling a pedicure once every 4-6 weeks and doing these other steps myself in between still leaves with me feeling confident about open-toe shoe season. Here are three tips to keep in mind if you’re ever looking for special deals or affordable pedicure options:

  • Check out Groupon – depending on where you live, there may even be same-day deals.
  • Follow the Facebook or social media pages of your favorite nail salons to stay up to date on special offers.
  • Schedule a polish change appointment instead of a pedicure, especially if you’re on top of foot care at home. It will cost much less.
How do you keep your feet open-toe ready in the summer? Any tips, products, or secrets you’re willing to divulge?

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Lasonia L.
I really need help in that area. I mean my feet aren't hideous but I do need a way to minimize the corns on my feet. Thanks for the tips. If I knew then what I know now about wearing shoes that aren't good for your feet.
Lauren C.
My newest obsession and after countless attempts to correct really bad callous on my feet. Is Baby Foot. Www.BabyFoot.com The product def lives up to its claims!
Susan L.
I love to soak
Ana S.
I like to soak my feet in baking soda and moisturize with coco butter
Gina A.
I think that protecting your feet when you go in the ocean on the rocks and reef is very important to remember.alot of times i see not only me will leave the house with only flip flops and no other foot protection.avoiding injuries is important and so i now remember to bring proper foot wear to climb on rocks and walk around in unsure areas.
Glo M.
i love painting my toenails every week myself
Sandy W.
great tips, i have used Groupon for these, however, you need to read the reviews on whom you choose, i have had some really bad pedicures thru groupon and they wont give you your money back. i dont like to deal with groupon.
Amber C.
I need a pedicure. Been too lazy to grab my stone to scrub my feet in the shower. LOL Next shower I will grab my pedi stuff!
Brigitte S.
Thanks for the information. When I soak my feet, I use Epsom salt with Lavender. It smells so good and is so relaxing. I buy it from Walgreen's. You should try it!
Aury R.
Great advice!! Thanks!