Easy winter decor

It’s time to deck those halls! If you need a few ideas to make your home a winter wonderland, put aside a bit of time this weekend to complete a few of these simple and inexpensive projects.

Silvery pine cones. Head into the yard or to the park to look for some loose pine cones. Once you've got a good-sized bushel, bring them home, drop in a bucket of warm soapy water, and swill around to clean some of the dirt off. Set them up to dry on sheets of newspaper. When fully dry, spread out the newspaper on the lawn (or overtop the snow, if necessary) and prepare to spray-paint the pinecones! Spray them any color you want, but silver, gold, or white really work with the holiday spirit. When you're done spraying from all angles, take the pinecones and put them in a hurricane vase, stack them in a lovely bowl, or scatter them across a table runner. They make a great centerpiece! Alternatively, you could tie them to a long length of yarn or ribbon to use as a garland, leaving anywhere from 6" to 12” of space in between.

Silver branches. Take that same silver (or white, or gold) spray paint from above for this project. Head to the yard and see if any branches have come off the trees lately. If so, rinse with some warm water and mild soap and let dry. When dry, take your silver spray paint to the branches. It, too, can become a lovely centerpiece on its own just set out across a white tablecloth or runner. Alternatively, you could find a vase for it, prop it up in the vase, and then hang little baubles from it—small ornaments or snowflakes, for example. It would make a great centerpiece or decoration on a hallway table.

Snowflakes. What else says winter like a flurry of snowflakes? You can easily make your own from paper to place in the windows, or you could string them together with some silvery yarn for a great garland you could hang from doorways or from the ceiling. White pipe cleaners are enough for some great snowflakes, too! For some instructions on how to make some paper snowflakes, click here.

Yarn wreath. Take a length of foam pipe covering or an inexpensive plain wreath form, a whole lot of yarn, and a few garnishes—some ribbon, the pine cones or branches from above, a few snowflakes, bells, ornaments—whatever you like. Starting at the back of the wreath, hot glue one end of the yarn to the wreath. Once it dries, begin looping the yarn around the wreath, over and over, making sure each strand is tucked snugly against the one before it before continuing on. Continue all the way around the wreath until you've covered the whole thing in yarn, then hot glue the very end of the yarn back where you started. Once dry, affix whatever decorations you like to the top, bottom, or upper right-hand-edge of the wreath.

Hurricane vases. Hurricane vases (large, open glass vases typically used for candles) are perfect for centerpieces. A few in different sizes, filled with ornaments, pine cones, silver bells, pine branches, or simply tied with a large, festive ribbon, can really bring the holiday spirit to your home. Try placing a few on the dining table and one on a hall table or coffee table (assuming there's low risk of pets or children knocking it over, that is!).

Red ribbon. Red ribbon—or silver ribbon, or gold ribbon, or any festively tied bow, for that matter—is perfect for simple décor. Tie it around the banister on the staircase, on large candles or candle holders, on the backs of chairs, in the windows, hanging from wreaths, and so on.

Candles and bows. You can pick up a few large white candles for cheap from almost anywhere, and nothing says festive like a cluster of them tied with some great ribbon. Use as centerpieces, on the mantle, on the coffee table—anywhere you can. Set them in large clear vases, set them on top of some paper snowflakes.

Do you have any thrifty solutions to wintertime decorating? Share your tips below!

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