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The rush of the holidays is already on the horizon. Sure, it’s a fun time to be with your family and celebrate those you love, but it can also be tinged with the stress of big gatherings, hostess duties, and more. In a season made to celebrate everyone else, take this time for yourself and relax. Use these simple solutions over the next week or two to unwind and have a bit of a break before the holidays arrive.

Go for a walk. Around the block, through a local park, or just up and down the street. Bring the dog, go alone or with a friend, but get out there! Bundle up and take the time to appreciate nature. Take a few minutes to sit by the pond in the park.  Sometimes a few deep breaths of fresh air is all we need to re-center, relax, and get in tune with nature.

Get coffee with a friend this weekend. Have a family member watch the kids or invite the babysitter over, call up that friend you haven’t seen in awhile, and go have a relaxing hour or two sipping some autumn-spiced lattes and catching up.

Get in bed thirty minutes earlier and break open that novel you’ve been meaning to read. There is nothing like reading a good book as you’re beginning to drift off, so make the time for it, whether it’s ten minutes or half an hour. For other tips on finding some time to read, check out this article!

Go see a movie.
Rally the babysitter and put aside some time to go see a movie, whether as a date, with a few girlfriends, or by yourself. Seeing a new flick on the big screen is a great way to escape the hustle and bustle for some time to yourself or with a friend.

Heat up a soothing drink. Make your favorite hot drink and enjoy it sip by sip. Need ideas? Try making single-serving sizes of these drinks from this week’s article on making hot drinks. Sometimes a hot beverage in cold weather does just the trick.

Try out some new colors! If you followed the steps in our article about cleaning out your makeup bag, you may be in need of some new shades. Try picking up a few discount eye shadow palettes next time you’re at the store, or experiment with a bold new nail polish. Experimenting with new colors and styles can help you find a fresh new look, and besides—it’s just plain fun!

Give yourself a mani/pedi.
You don’t need to drop money on a professional manicure or pedicure when you can do it yourself! Follow the steps in this article for a great-looking manicure and this article for a pedicure. Put aside just fifteen minutes for one or half an hour for both, and that in itself is worth some relaxing!

Ahh, that feels better! Do you have a favorite way to relax and take some you-time? Share it below!

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