Vinegar for your garden

You may already know a few handy tricks for vinegar around the house aside from making a delicious salad dressing. But did you know it also has loads of practical application for your garden? Distilled white vinegar is inexpensive and works best for these ideas!
Kill weeds. Fill a spray bottle with a cup of undiluted vinegar and spray it at the weeds growing through the cracks on your patio or driveway. It’ll kill the current offenders and keep new weeds from sprouting up. You may need to spray a few times over a few days.
Clean feeders. If you have hummingbird or general bird feeders, birdbaths, or other items you use with animals, start cleaning it with vinegar, not soap. Soap can leave a residue of chemicals that is harmful for animals to consume once they start eating whatever food or water you leave in the container. Instead, scrub with a stiff-bristled brush and a solution of half vinegar, half water. Rinse thoroughly before using again.
Clean patio furniture. Use a solution of half vinegar and half water to clean and sanitize any grimy patio furniture without harmful chemicals. Spray it all down when you’re done and let dry in the sun.
Remove mold. Have any terra cotta pots that have grown a bit of mold? What about plastic plant containers? Scrub the empty containers down with vinegar and a bit of bleach to get rid of mold and its residue, then rinse and let dry before using again.
Wash your veggies. When you bring veggies in from your garden or home from the grocery store, rinse them in a solution of 2 tsp vinegar to 1 quart of water. It’ll get off any excess dirt and neutralize any bacteria!
Keep the critters away. If you have cats or rabbits who enjoy nibbling on plants on your garden or in the house, mist the leaves with a solution of half water, half vinegar. They’ll stay away!
Feed the plants. Plants like gardenias, azaleas, and hydrangeas love vinegar because the acid releases iron in the soil for them to absorb. Water them with 1 tbsp vinegar to every half quart of water. You can also add vinegar to a vase of cut flowers to preserve them! Mix a half quart of water with 1 tbsp vinegar and a half teaspoon of sugar, mixing until dissolved, then add your freshly cut flowers.
Solve the ant problem. Pour full-strength vinegar in and around anthills to get rid of them. If they are gathering in a certain spot in your garden, pour a few tablespoons of vinegar around that spot.
Have you discovered any alternate uses for vinegar in your garden? Let us know below!

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