Make the big move a breeze

All the excitement of organizing, packing, moving and setting up your new place can be exhausting. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to reduce stress, keep excited, and make sure your move is as smooth as possible. 

Start drinking water. No matter when you move, but especially in the summer, you’ll be doing a lot of hard work. Even if carrying the boxes is up to someone else, you’re still doing a ton of mental exercise. A few days before you move, start drinking lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Make sure that during the move, there’s plenty of water to go around. Stock the fridge at your new place with a few bottles of it, or keep a cooler with you in the car. Make sure to offer some to the movers, too! Staying hydrated will give you more energy and help keep you peppy.

Get organized on paper.  While you’re enjoying some of that water, take a bit of time to sit down and spend an hour creating a thorough, detailed to-do list and get everything organized in a notebook or on a clipboard. This can help you mentally prepare for your move and help you visualize what needs to get done. Take it by room, and list things to pack and sort through, things to clean, and a schedule for it all. Keep the list somewhere you can see it.

Clean as you go. Nothing’s worse than getting everything out of the old house, moving into the new house, and realizing that you have to still go back to clean the old place. So as you empty each room, each drawer or each closet, clean it out. You may still have to come back for a final vacuum session, but it will be much easier on you if you scrub down all the cracks and crevices as you go rather than doing it all at the end. When you’re done, put all your cleaning supplies in one box or bag so you know where to find them in the new place.

Get a good night’s sleep. Sounds simple, but getting plenty of rest can make a world of difference during a stress-filled move day. If you started packing early enough (see this article for tips), by the night before the move, you should be ready for a good eight hours of sleep. Wind down before you go to bed by doing something relaxing and unrelated to moving, like sipping some caffeine-free tea or reading that new paperback you haven’t packed. That way, when you finally get to bed, you’re ready to sleep.

Avoid free help if possible. Free moving assistance can be more hassle than help, especially if the help of a nosy friend or high-maintenance family member is involved. Skip the freebies; hire a moving company to help you pack and move if at all possible. The extra cash is worth the professional help and safety of your back. 

Let the kids hang out with grandma. If you have younger kids who you’d have to keep a close eye on during the move, give them a day with another family member or their friends. Unless they’re old enough to help, having to watch out for them can be distracting. For more tips on what to do with younger kids during a move, check out this article.

Create a list of contact numbers.  Include the numbers of old neighbors and friends, your new landlord or roommate, emergency services, your doctor and other contacts in case you need help during your move. Make sure this is a physical list and not just a list on your phone. You’ll need the list on paper if you lose track of your phone or run out of battery power during your move. Fold and tuck in your back pocket on moving morning so that it’s with you at all times.

Above all, remember to take a few deep breaths. In a few weeks, you’ll be completely settled in and moving day will be far behind you!

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