Rebecca V. Rebecca V.

I made all kinds of cupcakes. To make them more healthy I put carrot or bananas or apples or whtever fruit I have. I would eat my cupcakes all day.

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Malenna A
Posted: Nov-14-2012

I love the strawberry cheesecake cupcakes .... absolute delish!

Melissa B
Posted: Nov-14-2012

Try cranberries or Blueberries and walnuts in your yellow cake cupcakes:)

Taneesha P
Posted: Nov-14-2012

I enjoy making cupcakes. My kids love it. Sometimes my children help to decorate them. It's an activity that everyone in the house to do together.

Cristal P
Posted: Nov-10-2012

my favorite cupcakes are pina colada cupcakes!!! sweet with a lil hint of malibu coconut :0)